Robot uprising


On a slightly off-topic note there is a new member in our household nowadays. A little cheerful doomsday machine, playing joyous sounds, driving crazy and happily bumping into stuff. They call it Roomba.

Its official purpose is to clean things up and while its cleansing powers are quite limited, its effect on the overall tidiness of the apartment is astonishing. That is because we adapt. That’s right, we - the humans - adapt to the robots. Why? Well, the before mentioned Roomba makes a real mess out of the mess you left behind. You basically have to tidy up before you can make use of it.

So basically what will happen is that human environments and humankind itself will adapt to all those tiny little helpers called robots, for instance by lowering the stairs and placing navigation beacons everywhere. And while we laugh about the forthcoming robot uprising as of now, rest assured that i will happen and it will be bad. The Roomba reminds me of that fact with a certifying swirl every day.