About me

photoExperienced programmer proficient in object oriented languages. Advanced academic degree with distinction in computer science. Focus on clean code, software architecture, engineering, and solving hard problems. Proven ability to deliver measurable results on time and within budget. Characterized as efficient, reliable, cooperative, resourceful, and a quick learner.

I am also that guy who randomly appears in your office to inform you that the code you recently checked in contains a critical concurrency bug. You know, your code compiles fine, no errors, no warnings, unit tests all green, operational test passed, no complaints from QA so far. But one does not simply write correct code, so I do code reviews.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to talk about CUDA, parallelization, procedural generation, genetic algorithms, neural networks, artificial intelligence, high performance algorithms & data structures, simulated physics, theoretical computer science, or computer games in general. Find me on StackOverflow, LinkedIn, GitHub, et. al.

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